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Python Flash Tools

This library is intended to be a level up from the Ming SWF library and a step down from a Flash GUI. It contains a Gimp Script-Fu plugin for better (there is an existing C routine but this does not allow for the definition of the attributes) exporting path specifications as SVG images.

Also part of the library is a Svg2Python (badly named as Svg2Flash) which allows SVGs to be converted to a Python class that may be included in any other python class.

Finally, there a number of geometry shapes defined for better defining shapes and manipulating these.

At the moment, the library can be used in Python applications (including WebBased applications) to generate Flash animations on the fly.


  • This is work-in-progress and therefore feedback is very much welcome

  • Flash tools is an attempt to provide a high abstraction for generating SWF movies than Ming. The aim is to provide a library of routines for a Flash GUI.

    As such, this can be seen as an attempt to identify routines that might be useful for library on which a Flash GUI is based. These routines would probably be better implemented in C ...

  • Ming is a brilliant SWF library and I don't want to compete with Ming, rather I wish to complement Ming in order to further the development of Flash generation tools for GNU/Linux.



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